Finnerty put option model excel

Finnerty put option model excel

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This articles explores Asian options, and offers an Excel spreadsheet based on geometric and arithmetic averages. Of the many types of exotic options that are available for investors, Average Rate Options or, as they are better known, Asian Options are some of the most practical.

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Asian options are priced based on the average price of the underlying instrument. Both the strike value and expiration value can be calculated from the average value over a period of time.

Asian options are no more difficult to understand than their vanilla counterparts. Asian options are, however, difficult to price. Unlike their European counterparts which have an analytical solution in the form of the Black Scholes equation, no closed form solution exists for Asian Options when the asset is lognormally distrubuted.

Asian options are largely used for derivatives based on commodities such as crude oil and currencies. Their history dates fromwhen they were used to price crude oil derivatives in Tokyo. Asian options are averaged arithmetically or geometrically, and either of these approaches can be weighted. The following equations give the payoffs for Asian options. However, there no closed form solutions for pricing Asian options with an arithmetic average.

finnerty put option model excel

Some authors have proposed approximations for this problem, including Turbull and Wakeman and Levy Numerical approaches, such as binomial lattices or monte carlo simulation, are also used. Finnerty put option model excel Excel Spreadsheet to Price Asian Options locked spreadsheet, only change parameters and view results.

Does this spreadsheet help? Thanks for the calculator. This finnerty put option model excel really works for valuation of options where we are already in the averaging period, yes?

Hi Samir, First sorry if the qestion apears in two sections. I bought the sheet hope that helps a bit: I have a similar question as duderino. I both want to value the option before the averaging period start and in the averaging period before maturity. I thought this formula was for valuing before averaging period started?

finnerty put option model excel

I thought that was the time until the averaging period starts? The averaging price is first known at maturity so it must be something different? You wrote average price sampled over time so is that the future prices for each time in the averaging period? Do you have the formula expressed in non excel format so i can try to link legit work from home jobs stuffing envelopes Thanks alot in advance and appreciated the work done.

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finnerty put option model excel

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